Life Things That We Need to Stop

Life Things.......That We Need to Stop

Fess up!  We all have Life Things That We Need to Stop....yep...not just me or the neighbor but everyone.  Hey, it is going to make your life so much better and let's discuss some places to begin.

Negative talk to ourselves:

Negative talk leads us down a path we do not need to travel.  It is degrading and can help those things we say come to pass.  You know this....Stop the negative talk. It doesn't matter if no one heard you..but you. If you say negative things to yourself, you are implicating that you believe it.  These are the sorts of Life Things that We Need to Stop.  For instance:  "I can't do anything right."  "I am such an idiot."  "I wish I was not so stupid."  "Why would I act like a fool."  "This is never going to change."  "I am not smart." "I can't do this." "I am going to give up." "Anyone can do this better than me."  "If only I had lots of money."  "If only I was pretty."  "If only I wasn't fat." "If only, I could start over." "If only......  These are absolutely; Life Things That We Need to Stop.

We all use what is called mental mechanisms or defense mechanisms. We do this in our sub-conscious state and this particular mechanism is called "introjection."  This means that we have subjected ourselves to something that did not turn out right or the way we had planned and we are blaming ourselves with the I cannot or if only.  These negative responses are fairly normal but if used excessively can contribute to less self respect and  negative results in our life.  What we believe is what we get....what we say is what we get...if we thing we are great; just the opposite then somewhere, someday, we will be great.  That great does not mean that we are great in every one's eye; but we are in the eyes of those that really matters, mainly ourselves.

We should never repeat down grading statement to ourselves.  As a man thinketh; so is he.  This is one important step in Life Things That We Need to Stop.

Negative talk to others:                          

This one is called projection and is exactly opposite of introjection.  This is where we should let go of the negative talk to others as we are then trying to place blame on our external environment.  For instance; the reason the project failed is because the boss was standing over me and watching every move.  I am alone because my parents taught me that one has to depend only upon oneself.  My spouse causes all the problems in our marriage. It is of course the blame game.  Stay away from this.

These kinds of mental mechanisms should not be used in our process of Life Things.  Both are degrading to the person you are and blaming yourself for all circumstances is foolish.  On the other hand, verbally blaming someone else for all problems is also fruitless and foolish.  We can't blame our way out of this life.  We must work on the Life Things we Need to Stop in a productive way that gives a solution and a constructive cure (if possible) for the things which do not turn out right.


We must also recognize when things cannot be fixed, therefore, forgetting yesterday and letting it go is essential.  All things are not fixable in the sense that we may need it to be.  Life Things that come our way sometimes presents situations that we want to see the end results in a different way.  It does not always wind up the way we want it to.  Example:  We get hurt and we want to see the other person who inflicted the pain with their head hung low.  We want the belt to buckle around them in the fashion of which they caused us to have pain.  This is revenge and is not constructive.  Yes, it is human, but you are not healing yourself when you allow someone to have this power over you still and it is not worth wasting your time, sitting around waiting for them to get what is coming.  You may never see it happen.

Usually what goes around does come around when someone intentionally hurts another, but when we sit waiting for justice; we are wasting our valuable life on things that really are not worth the time or mental efforts.  It is called true forgiveness, letting go and start making our life better than it was before. Usually, finding out that what happened was in our best interest.  If we are waiting for someone to be hurt;  we are practicing Life Things That we Need to Stop.

We are not going to understand every thing that comes our way in Life Things.  We are not going to be happy with all Life Things.  We are not going to do everything right, all the time, but what is important is that we try, we learn, we grow and begin more to understand.

This does not entail all Life Things That we Need to Stop for sure and it is only a minute few.  If we are to be productive humans we must find the more balanced in our Life Things and learn how to progress on our journey to a full blossomed life and less of Life Things That We Need to Stop.
Linda Todd